If you're 60 or over, or a stroke survivor of any age, you can make your Will for free with our Free Will Scheme.

At the moment, our Scheme is operating in England, Wales and a small number of locations in Scotland. We’re working hard to ensure that we have participating solicitors in as many towns and cities across the UK as possible, including in more Scottish locations as well as Northern Ireland.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, many of our participating solicitors will be working from home and conducting appointments over the phone rather than in person. If you have any queries about this, please do call our legacies team on 020 7566 1505.

To find out where your nearest firm is located, and to select the location most convenient for you to travel to, please use the dropdown list at the top of the form below.

If we do not have a solicitor nearby, we will provide you with some alternative ways you can get a Will written inexpensively.

If we do have a firm operating nearby to you, we will post you our Free Will Scheme pack within seven working days. The pack will feature details of your two nearest solicitors

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Staying in touch

We greatly appreciate your support which will help to make a real difference to stroke survivors and their families.

Occasionally we’d like to keep you updated about our work and fundraising activities. You can change or stop the way we contact you at any time by calling our friendly Supporter Care team on 0300 330 0740, or by emailing contactus@stroke.org.uk

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