You can now order Personal Stroke Records for your hospital patients.

Our Personal Stroke Record is a patient-facing template for professionals to complete and give to newly-diagnosed stroke survivors in hospitals. The template is available as an editable digital download (PDF) or you can order a box of 100 paper copies from our online shop.

Our patient engagement has made clear that too many stroke survivors currently leave the hospital with questions about their stroke. Written personalised information can help to optimise outcomes and experience.

As set out in the National Stroke Service Model, our vision is to provide patient information and engagement consistently through a form of a patient passport.

The Personal Stroke Record includes information to support stroke survivors’ recoveries, such as:

  • What matters to me.
  • What support will I need?
  • My stroke and treatment.
  • My recovery.
  • Keeping myself well.
  • Next steps.
  • My contacts.
  • Where to get more help and information.

The Personal Stroke Record is a key deliverable of the National Stroke Programme and has been co-developed by the Stroke Association, patients, clinicians and NHS England.

If you work in a Stroke Unit, we encourage you to implement the Personal Stroke Record as a routine part of the stroke patient journey.

We have created a Frequently Asked Questions document, Exemplar document and Cover Letter document to support this implementation.

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Why are we asking for this data? This is a free resource for use with patients, but it would help with evaluation to know whether the Personal Stroke Record is being downloaded for information only, or to be implemented in a specific Stroke Unit/NHS Trust.