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A swimmer in a large pool.

Welcome to your Swim for Stroke challenge!

Swim for Stroke is a great way for you to get swimming, keep active and raise vital funds to support stroke survivors across the UK.

Whether you’ve just learned to swim or you’re ready to achieve a new personal best, this is the challenge for you. Sign up today to receive your digital pack to guide you through planning and tracking your challenge, as well as give you tips on how to make a splash with your fundraising. Don’t forget, we’re always on hand to support you – so let’s jump in! Click here to sign up now or scroll to the bottom to enter your details. 

How far will you swim?

When deciding your distance, it’s important to consider your current fitness level and any health conditions. If you’re in any doubt, please contact your local GP. 

We have 4 suggested distances for you:

- 1.3 miles = the width of Loch Ness - 84 laps of an average 25m swimming pool.
- 7 miles = the length of Ullswater (it’s a beautiful spot) - 450 laps of an average 25m swimming pool.
- 13 miles = North Channel - 836 laps of an average 25m swimming pool.
- 20.5 miles = English Channel - 1320 laps of an average 25m swimming pool.

Pay in your donations 

Why Swim for Stroke?

Every five minutes, someone in the UK has a stroke. That is over 100,000 strokes a year. Depending on which part of the brain is affected, you may suddenly face communication and physical difficulties, or you may find that your emotions and personality are affected. The impact of a stroke can be completely life-altering, but so can the impact of your help.

- £10 could help us provide group support to stroke survivors, giving them confidence for their recovery.
- £56 could cover the costs of setting up a new volunteer, so they are ready to support voluntary groups in their community.
- £150 could help pay for research into new stroke treatments, as we did with thrombolysis - a clot-busting drug that returns the blood supply to the brain that has transformed the outcomes of stroke survivors who have received it.
- £250 could pay for one hour of Helpline activity, helping the families of stroke survivors support their loved ones after stroke.
- £500 could help pay for a five-year Senior Lectureship Award, a critical research role that facilitates life-changing discoveries to prevent and treat stroke.

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