These videos were made for the Getting online for people with aphasia guide. 

There is a video for each section of the guide. 

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Section 1 - Aphasia and technology

In this section:

  • Learn about aphasia.
  • See how technology can help you communicate.

Section 2 - Why get online

In this section:

  • Find out how getting online can help you.
  • What to think about before you go online.

Section 3 - Online basics

In this section:

  • Learn about your device.
  • Learn about different keyboards.
  • Using computer mouse.

(Part 1)



Section 4 - Online safety

In this section: 

  • Learn about passwords.
  • Find out more about online scam.
  • Learn how to stay safe online.

Section 5 - Connecting to WiFi

In this section: 

  • Connect your computer to wifi.
  • Connect your iPad or iPhone to wifi.
  • Connect your android tablet or smart phone to wifi.

Section 6 - How to find information online

In this section: 

  • Search for information on the internet.

Section 7 - Creating an account

In this section: 

Set up an email account

See an example of creating an account.

Section 8 - How to send an email

In this section :

  • Write an email.
  • Learn the steps for sending an email.

Section 9 - Sending a photo by email

In this section: 

  • Attach a photo to your email on your computer.
  • Attach a photo to your email on your tablet.
  • Share photos with family and friends.

Section 10 - Using Google Maps

In this section:

  • Find a location.
  • Get directions between two locations.
  • Find public transport options.
  • Find a cafe near you.

Section 11 - Apps

In this section:

  • Download and install an app for your andoid tablet.
  • Download and install an app for your iPad.



Section 12 - Social media

In this section: 

  • Create a social media profile.
  • Connect with family and friends.
  • Join interest groups.

Section 13 - Fun technology

In this section:

  • Try video calling a friend on Skype.
  • Watch a video on YouTube.

Section 14 - Additional support

In this section:

  • Connect with other stroke survivors
  • Ask for IT help.
  • Continue learning about technology.
  • Find out about more aphasia software and apps.