Support groups

Many people with a condition like aphasia find that the best support and information comes from people who've already gone through a similar experience.

We support a national network of groups for people to meet regularly for social activities, mutual support and fun.

Find support in your area.

Some people also take part in activities like this choir:

Stroke Information Services

You can also phone or email our helpline. Staff are trained to support people with aphasia. 

We also have communication tools which can help people with aphasia to communicate as well as publications.

Financial support

Aphasia might affect your finances, especially if you're no longer able to work. See getting financial support for further information on: 

  • where to get financial advice
  • the different types of financial support available.

Our Life After Stroke Grants provide a one-off payment of up to £300 to fund vital home or personal equipment, or by funding support to become active in your community. Our grants are means-tested to ensure we're helping those most in need. To apply for a Life After Stroke Grant call our helpline on 0303 3033 100 or email including your name and postcode.

Life After Stroke Services

We have Life After Stroke Services in some areas. Our staff and volunteers can help with some of the challenges that affect people with aphasia and stroke locally.

Returning to work

Going back to work might be a source of anxiety for you or your friend/loved one. See getting back to work for advice on:

  • how your condition might affect your ability to work
  • managing your return to work
  • your rights as a person with an illness or disability in the workplace.


If you have aphasia because of a stroke, there are procedures you need to follow before you can drive again. Go to driving for further information on:

  • what you need to tell the DVLA about your condition
  • the assessments you need
  • preparing yourself to get back behind the wheel
  • alternatives to driving.

Further information

Our life after stroke section has further advice on other aspects of your life that may be affected by aphasia such as relationships and hobbies.