This page outlines the sources and definitions used throughout the stroke statistics dashboards. Where possible, consistent definitions and the year with the most up-to-date data for all of the nations have been used.

Number of stroke patients per year

Stroke definition: ICD-10 codes I61, I63 and I64

Timeframe: 2020 (England, Wales and NI), 2021 (Scotland)

Sources: Sentinel Stroke National Audit Programme (SSNAP) and Scottish Stroke Care Audit (SSCA)

Geographies: Country

Hospital admissions

Stroke definition: ICD-10 codes I60-64, G45 by national providers. Scotland is I61, I63 and I64 only by NHS board of residence and data are for hospital stays

Timeframe: 2019/20 England, Wales, NI; 2020 Scotland

Sources: England (HES); Scotland (ISD); Wales (PEDW); Northern Ireland (DoH)*

*Hospital Inpatient System, Hospital Information Branch, Information & Analysis Directorate, Dept. Of Health, NI (not publicly available)

Geographies: Nation

Stroke prevalence

Stroke definition: Patient with a stroke or TIA on a GP practice register

Timeframe: England (2019/20); Scotland (2021), Wales (2018/19); Northern Ireland (2020/21)

Sources: England (NHS Digital); Scotland (ISD); Wales (StatsWales); Northern Ireland (DoH)

Geographies: Nation; England (2020 CCGs); Scotland (Health Board); Wales (Health Board); Northern Ireland (Health and Social Care Trust)

Leading cause of death

Stroke definition: ICD-10 I60-69. This ONS leading cause of death category covers cerebrovascular disease (including stroke) and is based on a WHO framework

Timeframe: 2018 

Source: ONS 

Geographies: Country; Nation