Our approach to pay

We’re committed to being open and transparent about the work that we do, the money we raise and how we spend it.

We have around 800 staff and 3,500 volunteers across the UK, including Jersey and the Isle of Man.

We believe the charity sector shouldn’t and can’t compete with the commercial sector on pay. However, we believe our pay structures should ensure we attract and retain the right skills and experience needed to operate a cost-effective and professional charity that delivers on its mission.

Our executive team's pay is reviewed annually and is benchmarked with other salaries in the sector.

When setting senior salaries our trustees are guided by the principles set out in the report on Charity Senior Executive Pay by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, which is supported by the Charity Commission.

Performance of our CEO and Executive Directors are assessed against the same criteria as all other employees as part of our annual performance and development reviews and pay award process.

For the reason of transparency and openness we believe it is important to publish the details of our executive roles as follows:

  • Chief Executive Officer £136,350, which falls within the median salary range for the sector.

Our Executive Director salaries fall within a range of £72,000 - £105,000 depending on their experience and market benchmark. Our Executive Director roles are as follows:

  • Executive Director, Finance and Resources
  • Executive Director, Income Generation
  • Executive Director, Strategy, Change and Impact
  • Executive Director, UK Life after Stroke
  • Executive Director, Marketing and External Affairs
  • Executive Director, People and OD salaries.

More details on how we’re governed and our finances can be found in our annual report and accounts.

Our pay ratios

Our highest paid employee receives a gross annual salary of £136,350 which is 5.14 times higher than our median annual salary of £26,519.

Our total executive pay, including Chief Executive and Executive Directors, is 1.47% of our overall expenditure and will not exceed 2% set by Trustees. This is reviewed annually.

Figures based on 2016/17.