When Dawn was seven years old, she was taken, without explanation, from her home in Jersey to Guy’s Hospital in London. She had difficulties with communication and so was sent away to a special needs school and also underwent some medical procedures, but was never told why. Nevertheless, she was determined to get on with her life, overcome her communication issues, meet new people and strike out on her own.

For more than 40 years, Dawn’s childhood experiences remained a mystery to her, until she finally discovered that she’d had a stroke when she was a baby. Since then, Dawn has used her experience to help other stroke survivors on the Isle of Wight, helping out at Stroke Cafés across the island and raising awareness of stroke.

Around one in three stroke survivors, like Dawn, have difficulty speaking and understanding after a stroke, which can be terrifying and isolating. But with our support, people can find their voice again.

Find out how you can help stroke survivors who are lost for words.