James Norton and Julie Monk

Julie Monk was presented with an Award for Volunteering, sponsored by LighterLife. The award was in recognition of her dedication to transforming the lives of people affected by stroke.

Julie, who has a blood condition which puts her at risk of increased blood clots, was struck by her third stroke when she was just 34 years old in 2002. The stroke left Julie with no feeling on her left side and no speech.

Julie has since had numerous mini-strokes and is at risk of another major stroke at any time.   

Julie was housebound for six years after her third stroke, but things changed when she discovered that we were opening a Voluntary Support Group in her local area. Julie went along to the first meeting of the 4Ward Strokes support group and didn’t look back. Putting her significant health conditions to one side Julie has spent the majority of the last eight years as the support group’s chairperson.

Lost for Words is a campaign to raise awareness and funds to enable the Stroke Association to support people who struggle with communication after a stroke. This year’s Life After Stroke Awards supported this campaign. Text ‘Stroke Awards’ to 70500 to donate £5.