From left to right: Laura Tobin, Paul Massey, Alistair Stewart

Paul Massey was presented with the Carer's Award, sponsored by Boehringer Ingleheim.

The award was in recognition of his selfless work as a carer to his ex-wife, who had a stroke two years ago.

Paul and Mary had been living apart for 20 years, and had been divorced with no contact for four years. It was during a conversation with a mutual friend in 2014 that Paul discovered Mary had had a severe stroke and was admitted to hospital in Chichester. Mary’s stroke left her unable to walk or look after herself, and she could only speak a few words.

Paul spent the next seven months with Mary until she was discharged. When she left hospital, she needed someone who could help her with basic day-to-day tasks, like shopping and making a cup of tea. It was then that Paul decided to take her in until she could live alone. 

Lost for Words is a campaign to raise awareness and funds to enable the Stroke Association to support people who struggle with communication after a stroke. This year’s Life After Stroke Awards supported this campaign. Text ‘Stroke Awards’ to 70500 to donate £5.