What we achieve together

Campaigning has been at the heart of many of the key changes in the way in which the health and social care systems care for those at risk of stroke, stroke survivors and those working in stroke. We couldn't do any of this without you.

Acting FAST

By donating and fundraising for us, you have enabled us to fund the initial research that led to the government funding for the FAST campaign, and we promote the FAST message in everything we do.

And then by sharing the FAST message in your community, we have reached millions of people with this lifesaving stroke awareness message.

Sharing your experiences

Without you sharing your experiences of stroke we wouldn’t have been able to create our campaign reports.

Using these reports we have:

  • ensured all benefits assessors get training on stroke
  • got clinical psychologists appointed in stroke units
  • and increased awareness of mini-stroke as an emergency that needs urgent medical attention.


By going to meetings and events with decision makers you have ensured that that the experiences of stroke survivors are represented at the highest levels of government and the health service. This has enabled us to:

  • secure a strategy for improving stroke outcomes – saving lives and improving outcomes for thousands of people,
  • and ensure NHS stroke care is monitored and improved.