Bridget Bergin

Bridget has spent over 20 years in a range of management positions across health and social care organisations in both London and Northern Ireland.
As Strategic Commissioner in the Western Board of Northern Ireland she led work on integration of health and social care and commissioning for older people's services and long term condition management.
She was part of a team developing the Northern Ireland Strategy for Health and Social Care and also Director in the Regional Telehealth Programme in Northern Ireland. Bridget was responsible during this time for procurement and implementation of system wide innovation and securing extensive support across health and social care organisations in Northern Ireland.
Bridget subsequently worked for Harrow Council in adult social care, leading on commissioning for older people's services and partnerships. She worked extensively on the North West London Integrated Care Programme, coordinating a number of successful integration projects and initiatives.
Bridget commenced work with the Stroke Association as UK Director of Life after Stroke Services early in 2014. She is currently leading a substantive change in the model of Life After Stroke services across the UK, with a focus on recovery and the development of an outcomes framework. Bridget is working with an excellent staff team to further enhance the quality and extend the range and availability of services.
These developments are being taken forward in co-production with people affected by stroke and with the support of Stroke Association volunteers.