You can now start the Stroke Association’s Stroke Awareness and Acquired Brain Injury course.

Personal tutor
Your personal tutor is there to support you so please contact them if you need help, either by email or phone. If you have any personal learning needs please let them know as soon as possible.

How to log on:
To start the online course

  1. click here: 
  2. Enter  Username =  your email address
  3. Enter Password = password
  4. Click on Virtual learning environment (VLE)
  5. Click on Stroke Awareness and Acquired Brain Injury Level 2
  6. Click start module

For further support, see the VLE login guide

A. Workbook

Click on the Workbook: this is what you need to complete to finish the course.  The online course will tell you which section to complete when you need to.

In your study guide you will see that you are expected to send your workbook with Unit 1 completed at the end of week 4 and Unit 2 completed at the end of week 7 to your allocated trainer.

Note: If you are only completing one unit, please send your workbook to your tutor when you reach page 14.


B. Handbook



Click on the Handbook: The handbook has information to help you answer the questions in the workbook. 




C. Study Guide 



Click on the Study Guide: The study guide explains what you need to do over a seven weeks to complete the course.




Please contact us if you need any help
Phone: 01527 903 911