World Stroke Day

For the past six months we’ve been calling for A New Era for Stroke. The national stroke strategy comes to an end in 2017 – this means that there will no longer be national oversight over the stroke treatment, care and support people get.

The Government have no plans to replace the strategy with anything that looks at all areas of stroke and provides enough detail on how it will be delivered. This puts peoples’ recoveries at risk.

During World Stroke Day 2016, we called on you to take action.

We’ve significant gaps across England for stroke treatment and want you to email your MP telling them that this level of variation is unacceptable. The solution is a new stroke strategy that nationally drives forward improvements in stroke care, treatment and support.

The area in which you live shouldn’t determine whether or not you have access to essential stroke treatment– you can help us change this.

Although World Stroke Day is over there is still time to check out our interactive map of regional variation and email your MP.