In our Rebuilding Lives postal pack earlier this year, we asked you to send in messages of support for stroke survivors, including Max, one of the stars of our campaign.

A group of stroke survivors at our Life After Stroke Centre used the messages, written on blue mosaic paper, to make a collage of Max’s smiling face!

Photo of stroke survivors working on  Max' collage at the Life After Stroke Centre

Max was over the moon that so many people were inspired by his story.

My mum and I were so happy when we saw my face. It looked so good. I hope by sharing my story it helps lots of people.

While creating the artwork, the stroke survivors looked back on their own journeys towards rebuilding their lives. They took turns reading the encouraging messages, which often brought tears to their eyes.

Janice Boswell was one of the survivors who took part in the activity. 

“I’m happy to hear Max is doing well and hope it will not be too long until he is fully recovered,” Janice says. “I think it’s wonderful and it’s like a jigsaw!”

Photo of rebuilding lives messages for stroke survivors

Before a stroke left her unable to work, Janice sat on the local council for nearly 15 years. But, in a moment, her whole life was turned upside down. 

Talking about the supporter messages, Janice adds “I love the ones that are written by stroke survivors, they’re all about staying strong. They’re all so lovely and warming. All of my colleagues that come to craft have been reading what is on the pieces and it touches your heart, it really does!”

As part of Janice’s recovery, she now enjoys going to the Life After Stroke Centre. Stroke Association Groups are one of the ways your fantastic support helps stroke survivors like Janice.