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"Research has been a lifesaver for me."

When Ronnie had a stroke on Christmas Eve 2018, he thought he was going to die. But thanks to stroke research, a pioneering emergency procedure known as a thrombectomy meant he was able to rebuild his life.

“I was on a treadmill at the gym when I started getting a pain about an inch above my right eye. Then I became confused and disorientated It turned out I was having a stroke.

“I was rushed to hospital for a thrombectomy, which was a fairly new treatment at that time. It involves mechanically removing the blood clot from the brain by entering a blood vessel lower in the body. It was miraculous. One moment I was paralysed on my entire left side, then during the operation when the blood clot was removed the feeling came back to me.

“I felt like I’d been given a second chance to live and see my children grow up. It’s enabled me to become inspired again by life and how special it is. Research into new stroke treatments has been life-changing for me.”

Dr Emily Sena, a researcher funded by the Stroke Association, says “I remember hearing the positive results of the thrombectomy trials. It was incredible.  And to think that people like Ronnie can now rebuild their lives after a stroke thanks to this procedure is amazing.

“My research, funded by the Stroke Association, can ensure more pioneering ideas can progress to benefit patients, so we have better outcomes for more people who have a stroke. It’s possible, but requires investment in research at all stages.”

Michael Johnson and Ronnie Staton in conversation


Olympic world champion, Michael Johnson, and one of the faces of our ‘Save research. Rebuild Lives’ campaign, Ronnie Staton, came together to record a very special conversation.

Michael and Ronnie both share a passion of running and fitness, and they are also both stroke survivors. In their conversation, they share their experiences of stroke.

With the right support and a ton of courage and determination, people can rebuild their lives after stroke. Thanks to breakthroughs in stroke research and specialist support services, many people have been spared the most devastating effects of stroke and benefitted from innovative treatments and care.