Annual Report 2018-19

Learn about our strategic goals and our priorities for the next year.

We help peoplewhen they need it most

35,000 people had their blood pressure checked.

£22.8 million

fundraised. Thank you!

72,000 people supported through our services.

£1.1 million

invested into stroke rehabilitation and long-term support research.

10,000 stroke survivors and carers took part in our survey.


excellent volunteers supported our work.

Our three strategic goals
Goal A achievements
Find out how we have been making stroke the priority it needs to be.
Goal B achievements
Find out how we have been ensuring everyone affected by stroke has access to rehabilitation and lifelong support.
Goal C achievements
Find out how we have been partnering with people and communities to help them take action on stroke.
How we work
Find out how we’ve been evolving the way we work to make sure we can deliver our new strategy.
Funding our work
Find out how we raised our income and how we spent our income.
Our aims for 2019–20
We’ve identified five priority areas for action to help us to achieve our long-term goals.