Published date: Thursday 17 September 2020

Andrew Cook, Direct of Customer Experience, delivers a statement about the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on charities, and how people can help in this time.

Published date: Thursday 20 August 2020

We anticipate a shortfall of £1.5 million in our funding programme this year to resume current research and support vital new projects. This could have a catastrophic knock-on effect for stroke research and delay access to important new life-changing treatments that allow people to rebuild their lives after stroke. 

Published date: Tuesday 18 August 2020

We are fully committed to doing everything we can for stroke survivors and their families to rebuild their lives after stroke, while remaining financially sustainable.

Published date: Thursday 6 August 2020
Published date: Thursday 6 August 2020

Working with the charity A Stroke of Luck, who specialise in exercise-based recovery for stroke survivors, our new videos offer three levels of difficulty and will cover different aspects of movement. Each video is led by a qualified physiotherapist.

Published date: Thursday 6 August 2020

Many stroke survivors use art in their recovery. Each year, a stroke survivor’s artwork is made into a limited edition Christmas card and sold in our card range to raise vital funds for stroke survivors.

Published date: Wednesday 15 July 2020

In March 2020, Rontec Roadside Retail set out to raise £25,000 to support Stroke Association. Customers using the Roadside Retail facilities were asked to add 25p donations on to their purchase of fuel and groceries. 

Published date: Wednesday 15 July 2020

O3 Insurance Solutions are proud to announce their support of the Stroke Association. Over the next year, O3 Insurance aim to raise £30,000 for the Stroke Association in support of stroke survivor.

Published date: Thursday 9 July 2020

For over thirty years the Stroke Association has invested in research that has changed the lives of stroke survivors just like Karen. But the coronavirus pandemic has caused massive disruption to stroke research, and we’ve seen a dramatic reduction in our income.