Published date: Thursday 2 July 2020

A response to reports in the news about small, early studies that make it look like the coronavirus may be causing strokes. 

Published date: Monday 1 June 2020

Between 1 – 7 June we will be marking Volunteers’ Week and thanking all Stroke Association volunteers for helping to rebuild lives after stroke.

Published date: Thursday 21 May 2020

We’re partnering with Smooth Radio to let people know that we’re still here to support them to rebuild their lives after stroke during these difficult times.

Published date: Thursday 7 May 2020

There is evidence that during the coronavirus pandemic fewer people have been recorded to have transient ischaemic attack (TIA) or stroke. That’s why the Stroke Association is urging people to continue to act fast and call 999 if they experience signs of stroke.

Published date: Friday 1 May 2020

The Stroke Association is also a member of the Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE), a network of organisations that champion the voices of those affected by stroke. SAFE is currently involved in several European research projects. You can find out more about these projects hoping to improve treatment for stroke patients. 

Published date: Wednesday 8 April 2020

If you have been affected by stroke, this is your chance to ask any questions you would like research to try to answer.

Published date: Tuesday 17 March 2020

A statement from Juliet Bouverie, Chief Executive of the Stroke Association.

Published date: Thursday 5 March 2020

More than half (57%) of stroke survivors surveyed by the Stroke Association say their sex life has changed since their stroke – with a third saying they are now too scared to have sex.

Published date: Wednesday 26 February 2020

We want to support the next generation of stroke research leaders to continue to improve stroke care and the lives of people affected by stroke in the years to come. We’re proud to introduce you to four researchers at the beginning of their careers who have recently been awarded Stroke Association research fellowships.