Every five minutes in the UK a life is shattered, and a family is torn apart, by stroke.

If stroke has affected you or someone you love, you’ll know just how devastating it can be.

And if you believe too many lives are lost to stroke, too few survivors get the support they need – and stroke simply isn’t being taken seriously enough – you can help change the story, by leaving a gift in your Will.

How to leave a gift in your Will

Including a gift in your Will to the Stroke Association is simple and easy.

Make your Will for free

Make or update a simple Will with our Free Will Scheme.

How your support helps

Your legacy will help fund specialist support and pioneering research.

Contact us

Whether you want to let us know you'll be including a gift in your Will, or you simply want to talk more about the idea – please get in touch with us.
You can email legacy@stroke.org.uk or call the Legacy team directly on 020 7566 1505.

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