From our existing strategy we have chosen four areas to focus on to achieve a step change in our impact over the next three years.

1. Thrombectomy

Our vision is to have thrombectomy available 24/7 across the UK for all patients who could benefit.

Why it's so important

It's a game-changing surgical procedure that retrieves the blood clot causing the stroke from the brain. 10% of stroke patients could benefit from this procedure, but only 2% receive it, and it is a post code lottery as to who does.

2. Newly diagnosed stroke survivors

Our vision is to reach and add value to the lives of every newly diagnosed stroke survivor.

Why it's so important

For most people this is the time at which we can add most value to their lives, yet last year we reached only about 30% of these stroke survivors. We could potentially reach 56,000 more people each year.

3. Awareness

Our vision is that more stroke connected adults have stroke front of mind, and more see the value of the Stroke Association.

Why it's so important

Low awareness and understanding of stroke and the Stroke Association make it more difficult for us to give support to people, get support from people, and engage with the health and care system.

4. Income

Our vision is to achieve sustainable short-term income growth to support current priorities and build the foundations for future transformational growth.

Why it's so important

To achieve these step changes and make progress towards our goals we need to substantially increase our income.