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Stroke changes everything, but so can your support

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£50 could answer a call to our helpline from someone who urgently needs support because their life has been changed by stroke.
£25 could be a part of a hardship grant for a stroke survivor who is struggling to pay for basics like food and clothing.
£10 could help us be there for children and families through our specialist childhood stroke support.
A regular gift of £10 could help fund critical stroke research that could rebuild lives and even save them.
A regular gift of £7 could enable our Stroke Support Coordinators to continue giving people the emotional and practical support they need.
A regular gift of £5 could help run focus groups so survivors can have a say on the future of stroke rehabilitation.
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Stroke Association helpline worker wearing headset smiling
Baz talking with with Stroke Association representative
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Dr Gargi
Stroke support group
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Stroke changes everything, but so can your support.

Stroke is a leading cause of adult disability in the UK. Chris’s stroke cost him his ability to walk, speak, and take care of himself. For loved ones, the impact of stroke can also be huge. All of a sudden, they find themselves in the role of carer, often at the expense of their jobs.

Psychologically, the cost of stroke has been huge for Chris. He says, "I was angry with the world, and myself. Angry, sad and depressive. It was very tough at the time.” Watch the video to hear his story.

But thanks to the Stroke Association, there is hope for everyone. We’re dedicated to helping stroke survivors like Chris and their families with the emotional, practical and financial cost of stroke.

When stroke changes everything, you can help us be there. Please donate today so more stroke survivors and their loved ones can access vital support groups and specialist services.*

*Your donations will help to fund vital work – such as research projects, the Stroke Helpline and support groups – and help stroke survivors and their families rebuild their lives.