Stroke Sixes Challenge

Pay in your donations


Thank you for raising vital funds for the Stroke Association.

There are over 1.2 million stroke survivors in the UK, with 100,000 strokes striking a year, that’s one stroke every 5 minutes.  

  •  £50 could help pay for research into new stroke treatments, as we did with thrombolysis - a clot-busting drug that returns the blood supply to the brain that has transformed the outcomes of stroke survivors who have received it.
  • £80 could pay for a stroke survivor to attend a six-week computer course, a vital communication tool to aid recovery and beyond.
  • £217 could pay for one hour of Helpline activity, helping the families of stroke survivors support their loved ones after stroke.
  • £300 could allow a befriending volunteer to work with a stroke survivor for up to a year, perhaps accompanying them on a bus journey once a week until they feel confident enough to take the same journey on their own.
  • £525 could help pay for a block of communication support workshops, empowering stroke survivors to achieve the best possible level of communication, improving confidence and independence.

With your support, we can help stroke survivors rebuild their lives during this difficult time. Thank you.