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40% of stroke survivors have aphasia due to a stroke. Aphasia can affect a person’s ability to understand speech.

Aphasia can take away so much more than just words. It can impact on your independence, confidence, work and social life.

Imagine if people walked away when you're trying to talk to them. Or they asked to speak to someone else, rather than you. For stroke survivors living with aphasia, that's an everyday reality.

Watch the video to learn how stroke researchers, Kerry Corley and Professor Rosemary Varley, are involved in a ground-breaking research study funded by the Stroke Association to develop a new type of aphasia therapy called UTILISE.

People with aphasia still think in the same way, but can find it hard to communicate their thoughts. By supporting stroke research and our vital services, you could help someone hold onto who they are.

Please donate today and help researchers like Kerry to make even more progress, so that stroke survivors can rebuild their lives.*

*Your donations will help to fund vital work – such as research projects, the Stroke Helpline and support groups – and help stroke survivors and their families rebuild their lives.