Childhood stroke can affect the whole family. Parents often feel a range of emotions, from shock and bewilderment to feelings of isolation and frustration. Other children in the family can be affected by the stroke too. They may not understand what is happening to their brother or sister, which can be upsetting and confusing.The Childhood Stroke Support Service is available for children, families and young people affected by stroke in childhood. The service is part of a collaboration between us and Evelina London Children's Hospital and is funded by the Margaret Giffen Charitable Trust.
This service is for young stroke survivors (including TIAs/mini-strokes), and their families and carers.
Tailored information, for children, young people and families affected by stroke, about the nature of their stroke or related diagnoses;Advice about local services, and a follow-up that you may find useful;Support in navigating health, social care and educational processes;Advocacy for young people and families in accessing the services;Emotional support in adjusting to the impact of stroke;Signposting to peer support networks.
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Liz Comerford
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