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Northern Ireland

We believe in life after stroke. That’s why we actively campaign for better stroke care, working with politicians of all parties to ensure stroke remains high on the political agenda. Find out what we're up to across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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We are excited about the new National Stroke Programme. Our campaigning in England will help ensure this Programme is delivered. 

It's a huge task, but one that we are determined to succeed with. We'd love you to help us deliver life-changing improvements for people affected by stroke right across England, whether preventing stroke in the first place, making sure people get the right treatment in the crucial first few hours after a stroke, or giving people the ongoing support they need when rebuilding their lives.

“As stroke survivors, we know what it’s like to live daily with the life-changing physical, emotional and mental effects of this condition. Our voices matter so much. We must campaign for things to be improved and changed to make life better for ourselves, our family members and carers.”
Julie Monk, Stroke survivor and campaigner

Northern Ireland

We are working to influence the Department of Health in Northern Ireland. The Stroke Association want to urgently progress plans to reshape and improve stroke services. This includes services from prevention to acute care to long-term support. These changes need to be led by the stroke community.


The Stroke Association in Scotland wants to influence and encourage the Scottish Government and Health Boards. The Stroke Association wants to work together to organise solutions to make the benefits of 24/7 hyper acute stroke care available to people across Scotland.


The Stroke Association communicate the views of stroke survivors and their family members and carers to policymakers, the NHS and local government.  The Stroke Association campaigns to improve services for all those affected by stroke in Wales. This is so all stroke patients and survivors can rebuild their lives and make the best possible recovery.

The Stroke Association work closely with the Cross Party Group on Stroke in the National Assembly. The National Assembly is currently undertaking an inquiry into the Welsh Government’s Stroke Delivery Plan. We are also campaigning for: 

  • a new target for ambulance response times for stroke 
  • working with health boards to improve stroke services


Mae'r Gymdeithas Strôc yn cyfleu barn goroeswyr strôc ac aelodau o'u teuluoedd a'u gofalwyr i lunwyr polisi, y GIG a llywodraeth leol. Mae'r Gymdeithas Strôc yn ymgyrchu i wella gwasanaethau i bawb y mae strôc yn effeithio arnynt yng Nghymru. Mae hyn er mwyn i bob claf strôc a goroeswyr ailadeiladu eu bywydau a gwneud yr adferiad gorau posibl.
Mae'r Gymdeithas Strôc yn gweithio'n gyda'r Grŵp Trawsbleidiol ar Strôc yn y Cynulliad Cenedlaethol. Ar hyn o bryd mae’r Cynulliad Cenedlaethol yn cynnal ymchwiliad i Gynllun Cyflenwi Strôc Llywodraeth Cymru. Rydym hefyd yn ymgyrchu dros:
  • targed newydd ar gyfer amseroedd ymateb ambiwlans ar gyfer strôc
  • gweithio gyda byrddau iechyd i wella gwasanaethau strôc