Find out about our Saving Brains campaign across Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and how we're working to ensure all those who need thrombectomy are able to access the treatment across the UK.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has a higher thrombectomy rate than England or Wales, but the service isn't available 24/7 and not everyone who needs a thrombectomy is able to receive one. We're calling on the Minister for Health to invest in thrombectomy and the stroke workforce required to run a sustainable 24/7 service and to implement the actions of the new Reshaping Stroke Care Action Plan.

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The Scottish Government has previously announced that it expects a Scotland-wide thrombectomy service to be available by 2023. Pilot services are running at two of the three delivery sites, with a test of change service running successfully at the third. This progress must continue until Scotland has a fully sustainable, 24/7 national service and everyone who is eligible for thrombectomy, receives one.

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The thrombectomy rate in Wales remains low, with a number of different barriers meaning too many stroke patients in Wales miss out on this vital treatment. Our report calls on Welsh Government to ensure their new national plan for stroke gives a strong steer on the development of thrombectomy in Wales, including clear timescales and targets, as well as taking steps to improve pathways for patients.

Read our report 'Saving Brains: Developing thrombectomy services in Wales'


Mae cyfradd thrombectomi yng Nghymru yn parhau’n isel, gyda nifer o wahanol rwystrau yn golygu bod gormod o gleifion strôc yng Nghymru yn methu â chael y driniaeth hanfodol hon. Mae ein hadroddiad yn galw ar Lywodraeth Cymru i sicrhau bod eu cynllun cenedlaethol newydd ar gyfer strôc yn rhoi arweiniad cryf o ran datblygu thrombectomi yng Nghymru, yn cynnwys graddfeydd amser a thargedau eglur, yn ogystal â chymryd camau i wella llwybrau i gleifion.

Darllenwch ein hadroddiad, 'Arbed Ymenyddiau: Datblygu gwasanaethau thrombectomi yng Nghymru'