When signing up for involvement work there is a range of things you may be able to take part in. Find out more about what you can expect if you choose to get involved with us and examples of opportunities that may be available.

What happens after I join?

Graphic showing the 5 steps of the involvement process

1. Browse involvement opportunities on our website or in the emails we send you if you sign up to the Stroke Views Involvement Network.

2. Find an opportunity that suits you, and apply.

3. Recruitment phase.

4. Work on an involvement project, supported by a project team.

5. Feedback phase: find out the impact of your involvement and give your feedback on the project.

What can I get involved in?

Involvement opportunities might include:

  • Co-planning an event.

  • Co-designing a new product or service.

  • Co-developing marketing materials.

  • Being a member of a planning group for a project.

  • Participating in interviews or focus groups.

  • Answering surveys.

  • Testing new web pages.

  • Supporting the production of stroke information.

Take a look at our current opportunities.

What are the different types of involvement?

Surveys and questionnaires
A set of questions designed to gather the opinions and views of large numbers of people affected by stroke in a short space of time. The results are used to inform and shape the project. You might fill in a questionnaire online or receive a paper copy in the post.

A one-to-one conversation with a person affected by stroke, which allows for the collection of in-depth information and opinions. Interviews may be face-to-face or over the phone.

Focus groups
An event where a small group of people affected by stroke take part in a well-planned and facilitated discussion. This would be on a topic where it is important for us to understand your views to be able to make the right decisions.

An event where a larger group of people are invited to provide their feedback, feelings and experiences on a topic.

Working group member
A working group consists of people who bring the skills and expertise needed to complete a specific project. You may be invited to be part of a group to help plan for a particular project where you would meet with a team of staff and stroke affected people on a regular basis and feed in your ideas. This might be a group to plan for an event, to design a campaign or to set up a new product or service. The group is responsible for identifying and completing all tasks needed to finish the work, sharing decision-making as they go.

Steering group member
The role of this group is to steer work undertaken by others. Members of steering groups use their skills, knowledge and experience to help make strategic decisions. A steering group has a similar process of shared decision making to a working group and its membership may be the same or can also include health professionals.

How can I be involved?

Sign up here to start your involvement journey with us.