Thank you for supporting Stroke Prevention Day 2021

A stroke happens in the brain, the control centre of who we are. It can happen to anyone and the impact can be devastating. But most strokes can be prevented.

Stroke Prevention Day took place on Thursday 14 January 2021. Our aim was to help people understand their risk of stroke, and help reduce their risk, by pledging to make one small change over three months.

Stroke Prevention Day may be over, but you can still make one small change to reduce your risk of stroke. Visit our Stroke Prevention Day page for more information about the campaign, or find out more about the risk factors for stroke and how to reduce them.

We'll be evaluating the campaign in due course, and will share our findings here soon.

In the meantime, please continue to share our Stroke Prevention Day messages with your audiences. With your help, we can reach even more people.

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  • Did you or your audiences make a pledge? Start a conversation to find out how you're all getting on, and support each other over the three months.
  • Find out more about the risk factors for stroke and how to reduce them.

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