We are looking for events volunteers to support our #TeamStroke participants on event day. If you want to be part of a fantastic team and learn new skills whilst doing something wonderful for charity, volunteering is for you!


We have a range of events with different volunteering opportunities for you to take on. As an events volunteer, you could get involved as a:

  • Cheer point volunteer (located on the event route).
  • Photographer volunteer (located on the event route or at our post-race reception/ charity village).
  • Massage volunteer (located at our post-race reception/ charity village. This role requires proof of public liability insurance and qualification).
  • Many more!

The events

Next steps:

Now you have an idea of the roles and events, all you have to do is complete our volunteer registration form. Here, you can provide us with all the events and roles you are interested in. Then, once you've signed up with us and provided your contact details, we'll be in touch to discuss the best opportunity/ies for you.

Event volunteer registration form

Thank you for thinking of the Stroke Association; we look forward to welcoming you as an event volunteer soon.

If you have any questions in the meantime, do not hesitate to get in touch at: eventlogistics@stroke.org.uk

What our volunteers have to say

Keith and Angela Laundon

Event: Brighton Marathon Weekend 2022

Role: Cheer point volunteers

'My wife and I both felt we needed to support the Stroke Association in view of my stroke last June. We also volunteered as we wanted to cheer on our nephew who was cycling for the Stroke Association and was sponsored by family and friends achieving a grand figure of over £600. It was a fantastic day cheering on all competitors.'

Vicky Stoggles

Event: Brighton Marathon Weekend 2022

Role: Photographer

'I volunteered as I wanted to give back and it was also an opportunity to combine this with my passion for photography. It was an amazing day! The other volunteers were so lovely, welcoming and positive, which gave a real boost to the event as well as the marathon participants. It felt so good to help out, even in just a small way and to be able to support all involved; people's faces would light up as they were cheered on and encouraged to keep going. If anyone is thinking of volunteering I would say 100% go for it, you will not regret it!'

Sarah Harris

Event: Great Birmingham Run 2022

Role: Cheer point volunteer

'I wanted to volunteer as I have participated in the Great Birmingham Run myself before on two occasions. I could not have completed the races without the support from the crowd cheering me on. It is such a good atmosphere on the day and the other volunteers were lovely too. My Mum had a stroke 11 years ago so I had even more reason to volunteer. I would definitely do it again.'

Bhavin Gohil

Event: London Marathon 2022

Role: Finish line guide

'Volunteering is brilliant; it cannot be put into words the feelings of the day. This year, my role was to ferry our runners from the finish line to the post-race reception. It is very rewarding to help others and to be part of their special day. You work as part of a team who are all working towards a common goal, which is a reward that can never be taken away from you. I have a special space in my heart for the Stroke Association, being a survivor myself and have been taking part in events over the last 6 years; if I am not taking part in the event I volunteer. It's nice to give back and to encourage the runners in the events as I know how important it is and to be part of a welcoming and fun team. Wherever possible and for as long as I can, I'll always help out this charity which means so much to me.'

Dawn Cooper

Event: Bath Half Marathon 2022

Role: Cheer point volunteer

'I had a great time volunteering at the Bath Half Marathon and I would love to volunteer again in the future. My connection to this charity is that my mum died suddenly from a stroke 3 years ago. I would recommend volunteering as it is a great way to meet new people and make friends while supporting a great cause to support people and families affected by strokes.'

John Thorpe and Shirley Rolfe

Event: London Marathon 2022

Role: Meet and greet: Food tokens

'We have volunteered for various Stroke Association events since 2008, partly because it is a very worthwhile cause, partly because my wife, Shirley's, father died of a stroke, as did my own mother, and partly because it is invariably an enjoyable experience. At the London Marathon 2022, we were tasked with giving out vouchers for meals for runners and their supporters at the post-race reception. It was great to help out and recognise the contribution of all those who ran for the Stroke Association in the marathon and raised so much money. To anyone thinking about volunteering, I would say, just try it - you'll be among some great people and as well as enjoying the experience, you will have the satisfaction of having played your part in a worthwhile cause.'

Panna Thakrar

Event: London Marathon 2022

Role: Cheer point volunteer

'It was good to support the Stroke Association, as I am aware of many friends and family and a large amount of the population experience strokes. It was my first time volunteering with the Stroke Association and I was made very comfortable and welcome. I had an enjoyable task of cheering on those lovely beings who took the time out to support stroke and many other good causes. I am a retired healthcare professional and have an interest in healthcare, so I read up and look up any volunteering I am able to do. The team I met up with on arrival were nice and friendly. I would recommend anyone with the slightest inclination, inhibitions, or apprehension to try and help to a cause so humble. I felt it was fun enjoyable, allowed a contribution to a great cause and would definitely volunteer again!'