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Thank you

As a supporter of the Stroke Association, you're just as important as our researchers, volunteers, coordinators, campaigners and fundraisers. Every day, supporters like you help rebuild the lives of stroke survivors and their families.

Claire's story

Claire Gibbs was 32 when she had a stroke - and 20 weeks pregnant.

'I remember being so excited that day, thinking about having a baby and planning our future," Claire says. "I got out of bed and all of a sudden I collapsed. I remember trying to lift my hand, but I couldn't."

'I'd had a stroke and spent 11 weeks in hospital recovering. Thankfully, my local Stroke Association Coordinator was there to reassure me and answer all my anxious questions. A few months later, my little monkey Kara came into the world. I have such a lot to be grateful for, thanks to the Stroke Association and supporters like you.'

10 surprising facts about stroke

1) Every five minutes someone in the UK has a stroke. That's more than 100,000 strokes a year.

2) Stroke is the second biggest killer in the world.

3) Stroke kills twice as many women as breast cancer and in men, causes 5,000 more deaths a year than prostate cancer.

4) Stroke can affect anyone, regardless of age - including unborn babies.

5) There are 1.2 million stroke survivors living in the UK.

6) Almost two-thirds of stroke survivors leave hospital with a disability.

7) One in four stroke survivors lives alone.

8) 1.9 million neurons in the brain are lost every minute a stroke is left untreated.

9) Having diabetes almost doubles your risk of stroke.

10) High blood pressure is a contributing factor in around half of all strokes in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

You are making a difference

Rebuilding lives after stroke is a team effort and you're a vital part of it. Thank you so much for joining us.

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