Every five minutes, stroke destroys lives. We can help rebuild them.

When stroke strikes, part of your brain shuts down. And so does a part of you. That's because a stroke happens in the brain, the control centre for who we are and what we can do. Life changes instantly.

Our Rebuilding Lives campaign is changing the way people think about stroke using stroke survivors' real stories. Told in their own words. Unscripted. Unfiltered.

These stories show that stroke can strike anyone at any time. Changing lives in an instant. They'll help people understand that a stroke happens in the brain - the control centre for who you are and what you can do. And that the impact varies depending on which part of the brain is affected. It could be anything from wiping out your speech and physical abilities, to affecting your emotions and personality.

Crucially, the stroke survivors in our campaign are living proof that life after stroke is possible. With the right specialist support and a ton of courage and determination, the brain can adapt. People can recover. Adjust to a new normal. There is hope.

We are here to support people to rebuild their lives after stroke. Our campaign will inspire everyone to take action and join our growing community. Because everyone deserves to live the best life they can after stroke.

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Alisha looking directly at the camera


"You feel trapped in yourself."
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Baz looking directly at the camera


"I lost my mobility, vision and speech."
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Luna looking directly at the camera


"I felt half of my body drain and fall out through my feet."
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Max looking directly at the camera


"I couldn't cry because I lost my voice."
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Paul looking directly at the camera


"Now I can't read or write."
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