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Mobile Assistance for Groups and Individuals in the Community (MAGIC)
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Start date:
Wednesday 4 November 2015
End date:
Thursday 30 April 2020
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There are still big challenges to getting all stroke survivors the consistent, high standard of support they may need in the longer term to live the best lives they can.

The Mobile Assistance for Groups and Individuals in the Community (MAGIC) project is funded by a €3.6m (£2.7m) award from the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme. It is managed by a Northern Ireland led, international group of research, governmental and independent organisations.

The Stroke Association is part of the Expert Advisory Panel for the MAGIC Project.


This project aims to discover innovative ways to provide care for stroke survivors using Information Communications Technologies (ICT). These include virtual reality, wearable sensor technology, and telemedicine approaches. The project will design and test new technologies to find out if they enable stroke survivors to have a higher quality of life and reduced need for long-term care.

To help achieve its goal, MAGIC involves a number of ICT companies and businesses competing through several phases in the development and testing of their ideas for new technologies.

Find out more on the MAGIC project website.

Contact our Director of Northern Ireland for more information.