Each year, the UK Stroke Club Conference continues to flourish as we connect with more clubs and groups around the country, encouraging and empowering those new to their roles to learn from others experiences.

"The Club Conference has always been my annual treat as a group leader. I can learn about what's going on in the Stroke Association direct from those in the know. I've picked up great activity ideas, heard what works well in different groups, and been inspired by other people's stories and achievements." - Lorraine Rowsell from Nailsea Stroke Survivors Club.

Feedback from our UK Stroke Club Conference 2019 event

In October 2019, we held the UK Stroke Club Conference at East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham – attended by 174 representatives from 80 clubs and groups from across the UK to share experiences, ideas and connecting together over the two-day event.

The 2019 conference focused on the power of working together, reaching out to those in your local and national community, and learning from each other. We acknowledged and celebrated the amazing things that our network of stroke support clubs and groups do to help rebuild lives after stroke, and the many connections they have in their local communities.

We explored how to make the most of these connections for fundraising and to support the long-term sustainability of their group. We also talked about the various resources and support that the Stroke Association can provide to help run a group effectively - including making sure that leaders are taking care of themselves, as well as their members. The people approach shone through loud and clear, creating a motivational and uplifting couple of days, and celebrating the wealth of experiences that all our wonderful volunteers bring to the stroke support network of clubs and groups.

Find out more about past events

To access the past events you will need access to the volunteers' intranet. If you do not have this, please speak to the main contact of your club or group or email groupconference@stroke.org.uk.

The value of your voice

In order for the event to be of value to those that attend, we are keen to hear the things that club and group leaders need to know, how we can support them better, and the tools and resources they need to run their groups effectively. So in 2019, we set up a UK Stroke Club Conference Planning Group, made up of club and group representatives and Stroke Association staff. They have been instrumental in shaping the programme of the 2019 face-to-face event and the exciting new online event in 2020. Ensuring the content and format is what is needed right now and delivered in the best way.

Bryan Hilton, Chair of Stowmarket Support Group and member of the UKSCC planning group, co-chaired the 2019 event. He said: "I've attended the Club Conference twice before. You can meet and learn from other volunteers and stroke survivors, and get the latest news on stroke and the Stroke Association. I wanted to be involved in the planning group for the event as it's so important to keep the focus of the programme on the needs of the target audience. I can use my experiences at past conferences and as Chair of the Stowmarket Support Group to help sharpen ideas for the future.'

Contact us

If you want to take a more active role in next year's event, or join our planning group, contact us by:

Email: groupconference@stroke.org.uk

Telephone: 01527 903 930

If you would like to share your views and experiences from attending one of our UK Stroke Club Conference events, please email clubconference@stroke.org.uk

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