Stroke News

News, personal stories and articles that offer support and guidance to all those affected by stroke.

Coping with changes to taste and smell
Up to a third of stroke survivors, like Angela, find that their sense of taste or smell changes after her stroke.
"Thrombectomy should be available everywhere"
Read Gerald's story and find out how you can join our campaign to improve access to thrombectomy.
Improving emergency stroke treatment
Dr Grant Mair talks about his research into using routine brain scans to improve outcomes for stroke.
Back on track
Marc gets running to raise money for people affected by stroke.
Stroke and Covid-19 update
The first results are available from our stroke and Covid-19 study.
Managing post-stroke fatigue
Our Helpline Team share information about managing fatigue.
Find aphasia support online
Jan and Carly test out the new 'Aphasia and communication' section of My Stroke Guide.
Keep on top of rising living costs
Find out how you can get financial support to help with the rising cost of living.
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Improving wellbeing after stroke
Stroke survivor Loretta and Dr Emma Patchwood explain how a new research study aims to improve mental health support for stroke survivors.
The fight to reshape stroke care in Northern Ireland
Why our campaigners are calling on the Northern Ireland Government to urgently resume its plans for reshaping stroke care.
Increasing accessibility for people with aphasia
How a new scheme can make it easier for people with aphasia, like Mark, to use businesses and services with confidence.
Free Will Scheme
Leanne explains how making a Will gave her peace of mind following her stroke, and find out how you can save money with our Free Will Scheme.
Stay active after stroke
Phil shares the importance of physical activity for wellbeing and tips for getting moving after stroke.
Setting the agenda for stroke research
How our Stroke Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) identified the research areas that matter most to stroke survivors, carers and professionals.
The joy of cooking
How home cooking can boost wellbeing and help control your salt intake, reducing your risk of stroke.
Financial help while you're out of work
If you're unable to work after a stroke, you may be able to claim benefits.