Alex and his family walking down the street

No "I" in stroke

Alex and Adebisi explain how stroke affected their family life, and how they're learning to adapt together.

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Relationship changes after stroke

Our Stroke Helpline Team offer guidance on some of the practical things you can do to help.

Thriving after stroke

Why we're campaigning to improve access to vital life after stroke support services.
Maria smiling at the camera

Freedom to move

Stroke survivor, Maria, shares how she's building exercise and movement into her daily routine.
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Help with the cost of home adaptations

Find out about the financial support available to help you make your home safer and more accessible after a stroke.
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Determined to adapt

How becoming a parent after her stroke inspired Deya to find ways to adapt.
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Taking medication to reduce your risk of stroke

Dr Buckle talks about the preventative medications prescribed after stroke, and why it's important to take them.
Jacob smiling at the camera

A parent's perspective

Rebecca shares her experiences as the parent of a childhood stroke survivor, and advice for all families impacted by stroke.
Elizabeth smiling at the camera

Fundraising in Dad's memory

How the impact of stroke on her family inspired Elizabeth to help others.

"I felt supported, listened to and recognised"

Hear how Louise found support through our Stroke Helpline.
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Exploring the long-term effects of cognitive changes

Professor Nele Demeyere explains the results of her latest research project.

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