Stroke News

News, personal stories and articles that offer support and guidance to all those affected by stroke.

Memory and concentration problems
Our Stroke Helpline share tips on coping with memory and concentration problems.
Stroke and Covid-19
We're funding research by stroke experts Dr Richard Perry and Dr William Whiteley, exploring the links between stroke and Covid-19.
Influencing for change
Hear how young stroke survivor Brenna Collie is working with us make sure stroke remains a political priority acorss the UK, and how you can help.
Volunteering to be Here For You
Jim and Trish have been sharing their experience of stroke with others by volunteering with our Here For You service.
Managing money on someone's behalf
Are you, or is your loved one, struggling to manage money after a stroke? Our Stroke Helpline Team shares some guidance.
A Walk to Remember Nana
Emily and her family are taking part in A Walk to Remember to raise money in her great-grandmother's memory.
Reducing my stroke risk
Since his stroke, Dave has been making small changes to his lifestyle to reduce his risk of stroke.
My recovery mountains
Climber Steve Bowker's life changed dramatically when he had a stroke while 30 foot up a rock face.
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Staying in touch with loved ones in hospital and care homes
Our stroke helpline offer guidance on keeping in contact with loved ones if you're unable to visit in person
Improving conversations about recovery
Stroke researcher Lousia Burtonills is trying to improve the way that health care professionals talk about stroke recovery
Prioritising stroke in Wales
Stroke survivor Stephen explains why he's joining us in calling on the Welsh Government to develop a new national strategic plan for stroke care.