Stroke News

News, personal stories and articles that offer support and guidance to all those affected by stroke.

Coping with fatigue
Our Stroke Helpline answer some commonly asked questions about post-stroke fatigue, and share information and practical guidance.
Keeping connected
Our stroke groups around the UK are finding all sorts of ways to stay in touch and support each other remotely.
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Dealing with debt
Our Stroke Helpline Team talk you through some steps you can take if you’re struggling with debts.
Predicting the future
Meet the stroke researchers who are looking for ways to improve our understanding of recovery for different effects of stroke.
Helping people with aphasia get online
Tess explains why she's helped us develop a new guide to help people with communication difficulties to get online.
Prioritising stroke in Wales
Stroke survivor Stephen explains why he’s joining us in calling on the Welsh Government to develop a new national strategic plan for stroke care.
Simple swaps: cutting back on salt
Our partners LoSalt, share some practical tips on how to reduce the amount of salt in your diet.
My guide to My Stroke Guide
Rick Hein, a former IT Teacher used his “techie background” to help us test and develop our online support tool, My Stroke Guide.
This is me now
Hannah McGrath had two strokes, which left her with anxiety and depression. She shares with us some of the things that helped her work through these emotions.
Managing loneliness and isolation
Our Helpline offers help and advice about feelings of loneliness and isolation.
Representing stroke survivors
Stroke survivor Nisba tells us about her experiences working to help deliver the improvements in stroke care set out in NHS England's Long Term Plan.
Attendance Allowance
Attendance Allowance is a benefit for people aged 65 or over who need help with their care because of an illness or disability.
Make your mobile or tablet easier to use
Most devices have accessibility features to enable you to adapt them to your needs. Here are our top tips.
Dawn's story
Dawn Minker had a stroke when she was a baby. But thinking she wouldn’t understand, her family decided not to tell her.