Aphasia Software Finder is free to use. 

It is funded by The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia.

The website has information about apps and software programs for people with aphasia.

The website divided into different sections:

  • Aphasia Therapy Apps and SoftwareAll aphasia therapy apps and software in the English language are brought together onto one website. Each has been analysed by a highly trained SLT specialist and an aphasia friendly summary can be found, as well as a detailed analysis for aphasia professionals.
  • General apps and software. These are not designed for people with aphasia but may be useful. It includes a short description of the apps and what platforms they work on.
  • Links to useful websites, resources or organisations that can help with using computers.
  • List of published research about computer therapy.

The website is for people with aphasia and aphasia professionals.

It is not connected with any App or software provider.

Contact details:

Visit: https://www.aphasiasoftwarefinder.org/