Because a stroke happens so quickly, people sometimes leave the hospital without being completely sure what's happened or why.

That's why we've provided as much information we can around your stroke. ​

Call our dedicated Helpline for stroke survivors​

0303 3033 100


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Support near you

We have a number of support groups and services across the UK

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Financial support

There is financial help available through the benefits system.

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Online Community

An Online Community for stroke survivors, carers and health professionals.


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What to expect

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Life after stroke

Understanding Recovery

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Effects of stroke

Five things to remember

  1. Don't be afraid to ask questions  even if it's weeks or months later.  It's important to understand what happened and why.​
  2. Talk about it with the people around you and professionals who can offer support  - Coping with the impact of stroke is not easy, the best thing is to talk about it.​
  3. Friends are important, talk to them about what's happened and the impact your stroke has had on you​
  4. Remember recovery takes time and patience, as well as practice and determination  - Some days will be harder than others, but the important thing is to keep going. ​
  5. Don't forget, Stroke Association is here to help. Whether you want to know more about stroke and its effects, are looking for practical information and support, or simply need someone to talk to.