Resolution Runs are our largest fundraising events of the year and we are on the lookout for people to help make them happen.

If you’re up for getting sore cheeks from cheering hundreds of runners on or want to learn new skills such as pouring water out at our water stations at record-breaking speed, then we would love you to sign up to become a Resolution Run volunteer.

There’s likely to be an event near you, so click here and use the drop-down to see where your nearest event is, then sign up and see if your friends and family would like to help out too!

With over 700 volunteers expected to sign up, you will be part of an amazing group of people across the UK helping to rebuild lives after stroke.

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Paddy’s story

"The first time I heard of a Resolution Run was in 2013. I was training for my first marathon in aid of Stroke Association. One day I saw a sign advertising a local Resolution Run; it seemed like a good opportunity to clock up a few training miles and to support the charity at the same time.

In 2014 I became a Resolution Run Volunteer. In the last six years I’ve volunteered at seven Resolution Runs with hundreds of volunteers, thousands of runners and every type of weather known to mankind. Phew!

I’m the Course Coordinator at the Belfast Resolution Run which is one of the more senior roles. It's a big commitment and I start to prepare several weeks before the event.  On the day I'm one of the first to arrive, one of the last to leave and I rarely sit down until I get home. I approach my role as though I am a participant, asking myself what support I would need from the volunteers if I was running in this event.

I try my best to make it an enjoyable experience for volunteers and runners. The Belfast event has grown year-on-year with volunteers and runners alike returning. If it wasn't a good experience that just wouldn't happen!

It's hard to pick a particular highlight from my time in the role. A standout moment came in 2019 when a stroke survivor volunteered as our Course Sweeper. It wasn't her first year volunteering at the event but it was certainly her most challenging.

Seeing her cross the finish line after 10K, including a couple of challenging hills, really reinforced what the Resolution Run series is about.  It’s about helping Stroke Association give survivors the confidence and determination to know that it is possible to pick yourself up after a stroke and keep going.

I wouldn’t change the feeling that I had when I saw her finish for anything in the world.  That’s what volunteering at the Resolution Run is about."