Childhood stroke changes the lives of children and their families in an instant. It can happen at any age, affecting babies (including in the womb), children and young people. More than 400 children are diagnosed with strokes every year in the UK. 

What we offer you 

We understand that the impacts of stroke are different for every child and family and that they change as a child gets older.

That’s why our dedicated Childhood Stroke Support team is here: to support you with practical information on a wide range of topics and emotional support, whenever you need us.

You can also talk to us about how you're feeling. We’re here to listen, and to talk through the things that matter most to you or are on your mind. You can chat with a member of our team by phone, email or video call – whatever works for you.  

Whether you’re looking for one-off support or feel you would benefit from support on a regular basis, you can talk to us about any questions or concerns you may have, however big or small. Let us help you make sense of your child’s stroke and its impacts, and to access the support that’s available to you.  

Who we support 

Children and young people who have had a stroke.

- Parents, carers or guardians.

- Family members.

- Teachers and childcare professionals.

- Other professionals who work with or support children and their families affected by stroke in childhood. 

How can I get support?

You can fill out the form below and we'll get in touch.

Alternatively, you can call us on 0303 3033 100, or email us at You can also visit our childhood stroke information and resources online.

The service is free and available across the UK.  

If you’re a parent, carer or guardian and would prefer to send this information via email, you can download this form

If you’re a professional and would prefer to send this information via email, you can download this form. To help you signpost families to support, you can download our information leaflet and introductory card to share with your patients. You can also download a poster, which could be displayed in communal waiting areas or kitchens available for family use.

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