Our communication pack will help stroke survivors, their family, carers and friends to learn about communication after a stroke. We answer important questions about aphasia and other communication problems, give practical tips, and include a communication card to show to others, to help them better understand what you’re experiencing and how they can help. 

Please note that delivery may take up to three weeks.

The pack is also available to order in Welsh in our online shop.

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The pack will include:

Communication problems after stroke guide cover showing two women sat down talking

Communication problems after a stroke – A4 guide

stroke aphasia friendly information guide cover showing a cartoon doctor and patient

Stroke – aphasia-friendly information 

Information about stroke for people with communication difficulties.

your communication after a stroke guide cover showing lady with broken speech bubble

Your communication after a stroke – aphasia-friendly information 

Information about communication problems after stroke for people with communication difficulties.

stroke communication cards with purple text

Communication card

Use this wallet-sized card to let people know you have had a stroke and may need help to communicate.


communication picture book community cover showing four cartoon people sat at a table talking

Communication Picture Book: Community

We have limited numbers of this additional book. It is designed for those with moderate to severe communication difficulties. This book can help you to communicate well at home and in the community. The pictures and icons cover a wide range of everyday topics. You can point to the pictures and icons to tell people about yourself, explain how you are feeling and let them know what you want and need. Please only order this book if you need it.

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