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Research is vital. It helps us find new ways to improve care and treatment for the 1.3 million stroke survivors. But we're always looking for more volunteers to help us improve our work.

Stroke is a leading cause of disability in the UK. Many survivors lose the ability to do everyday tasks, and the things they enjoy, on their own. They may rely on health and social care services, family and friends to provide assistance as they rebuild their lives.

Unfortunately, stroke research remains underfunded when compared to other life-changing conditions. Things like cancer, coronary heart disease and dementia.

Investing in stroke research can drive improvements in treatment and care. This can reduce the cost of stroke to peoples' lives, and health and social care services.

Watch this video to hear from our CEO, Juliet Bouverie, on the importance of stroke research.

Find out more in our report on stroke in the UK.

Stroke Association funded research

We want to improve treatment and care for stroke patients throughout their journey. From emergency treatments following stroke to the support available in the years after.

Our research strategy (2019-2024) aims to:

  1. Support stroke research leaders of the future with the knowledge and skills to drive cutting-edge improvements in care.
  2. Increase investment in, and awareness, of stroke research so it can benefit more people, more quickly.
  3. Support research that can bring the greatest benefit to people affected by stroke.

Read more about our plans for stroke research.

But what impact does this research make?

1. Recognising stroke as a medical emergency

Our research has improved people's awareness of the symptoms of stroke. This has helped both paramedics and the general public spot a potential stroke. This means we can quickly get stroke patients the best treatment.

2. Finding new and improved treatments for stroke

Thanks to research, stroke patients can now receive treatments in the hospital to stop damage to the brain caused by stroke.

We also know much more about how we can best treat stroke patients at this crucial time. Giving them the best chance of rebuilding their life after stroke.

3. Rebuilding lives after stroke

Our support for stroke research works to understand life after stroke. We want to address the needs of stroke survivors and their close family and friends.

4. Stopping a stroke from happening

Our research has helped us understand what happens in the brain during a stroke. This helps us identify who is most at risk of stroke. And how we can reduce that risk.

5. Improving the amount and quality of stroke research

We support talented researchers and cutting-edge ideas. This raises the profile and increases funding for stroke research from other organisations.

Find out about the research projects we're funding right now.

Want to get involved?

As someone with personal experience of stroke, you're an expert in what it's like to experience and live with a stroke.

We think it's that vital people like you are involved in stroke research. Only you can give us the personal lived experience of stroke. With this, we can make sure research is relevant and important to the people it aims to benefit.

We want the research we fund to make a difference and meet the needs of people affected by stroke. You can use your experience to help us.

Join Stroke Voices in Research

This is a group of people affected by stroke who are involved in our research. It includes stroke survivors, carers and family members who:

  • Help decide what research we fund.
  • Have a say in the future direction of our research funding.
  • Work with researchers as they develop and carry out their projects.

You don’t need any experience of science, medicine or research. There's no time commitment and how much involvement you have is completely up to you.

If you'd like to join Stroke Voices in Research or have any questions, please email

Visit our website to find out more Stroke Voices in Research.

Stroke Association funded research

We don’t carry out clinical research ourselves. But we do fund researchers around the UK for research projects into stroke. Each project recruits its own participants. This means we can’t help you to get involved in a specific study.

But we do sometimes post research opportunities in the Research category on the forum. Check back to see new chances to get involved.

You can also visit the Be Part of Research website to find opportunities to take part in stroke research.

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