Diet and healthy living

Provides information on salt and the harmful effects of eating too much salt.
Advice and information on healthy eating and weight loss for prevention and treatment of obesity.


Campaigns to eliminate the harm caused by tobacco. Provides information on the effects of smoking and on finding support to give up smoking, including the helplines available.

Alcohol and drugs

Offers online information and an alcohol services directory for finding local support for anyone with alcohol-related problems in England and Wales.
Information on how alcohol affects health and on where to find local support for alcohol-related problems.
Works to positively change behaviour to reduce alcohol misuse and alcohol-related harm. Provides information on how alcohol affects health and tips and tools on changing drinking habits.

Blood problems

AntiCoagulation Europe (ACE)
Provides information and advice on use of oral anticoagulation therapy, such as warfarin, and anti-platelet medication, such as aspirin, as well as on prevention of thrombosis, including deep vein thrombosis (DVTs).

Blood Pressure Association
Advice and information on living with high blood pressure and on lifestyle changes and medications that can help to control blood pressure.

APS Support UK
Telephone: 020 7188 8217
Offers information and support to those affected by Hughes Syndrome, the ‘sticky blood’ condition also known as Antiphospholipid Syndrome.

Sickle Cell Society
Provides support, care and advice to those in the community affected by Sickle Cell disorders. Their website has leaflets to download and gives details of Sickle Cell Centres around the UK for support groups.