Banner with text: make stroke the priority it needs to be in Scotland

Emerging evidence of links between COVID-19 and stroke means that now, more than ever, a renewed national focus on stroke is needed in Scotland.

Our manifesto 'Make stroke the priority it needs to be in Scotland' lays out what we want politicians to do after the election in May. To support and encourage the next government to continue with the current stroke improvement work and quickly establish a new, progressive stroke service. One in which all patients receive timely access to evidence-based, stroke specialist treatment, rehabilitation and support.

You can find also view the accessible version of our manifesto.

Brenna Collie from Strichen in Aberdeenshire had a stroke in March 2017, when she was only 14.

'It happened very quickly. I lost all movement down the left-hand side of my body. I couldn't walk. My speech was all slurred so I couldn't call for help. I have never felt so scared.'

'The physios were wonderful. I received a high quality of care throughout my recovery and it made a huge difference. Without that support, I wouldn't be where I am today.

'There are still things I struggle with but I wouldn't change anything. I'm now studying to be a Primary School Teacher at QMU in Edinburgh.

'Rehab helped me massively with my recovery. Everyone should have it if they need it."

Now Brenna wants to make sure all stroke survivors get the right support, no matter where they live.

She is urging people to read and share our election manifesto. Let's make sure the care and support she received are available to everyone.

There are over 128,000 people in Scotland currently living with the effects of their stroke. It's estimated there will be almost 175,000 by 2035.

We don't want the current stroke improvement work to be lost to COVID-19 and need to ensure it keeps progressing. Help us do just that. Read our manifesto. Share our manifesto. We all have a part to play in making stroke a priority in Scotland.