There are many ways you can give your time to help people affected by stroke. This page explains how you can use your skills and experience to support others, raise awareness of stroke, or influence our work.

Become a volunteer

Our volunteer roles provide opportunities to make a difference and do something you enjoy. You can meet new people, develop your skills and support stroke survivors with their recovery and rehabilitation.

There are lots of different volunteer roles, from helping at events to supporting a stroke group. When you join us as a volunteer we will provide training to help you build new skills and we will support you every step of the way.

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Shape our work

Involvement allows people with lived experience of stroke to help shape the work of the Stroke Association. Our involvement opportunities are available to stroke survivors, carers and family members. This means that people with a close connection to stroke have a voice in conversations that affect them.

Involvement opportunities are varied and accessible. They include projects that help to shape services, create products and improve decision-making. Examples include one-off tasks, like answering a survey, to more hands-on activities, like being a member of a project planning group.

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Add your voice to our campaigns

We are determined to keep stroke on the agenda at a local and national level. Anyone can join our dedicated network of campaigners, and you will help us deliver life-changing improvements for people affected by stroke in the UK.

Taking action could mean filling in a petition, writing to your local MP or even joining us at a meeting.

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Get involved in research

We work with a group of people affected by stroke who are involved in research, called Stroke Voices in Research. This group is for stroke survivors, carers and family members.

Being involved in research is different from being a research participant, as you are not the subject of research. Instead, you are involved in making decisions that affect research. You can help us decide what research to fund and you might work with researchers as they develop and carry out their projects.

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Other opportunities

Sometimes we hear about great opportunities for people affected by stroke to get involved with other organisations. When we do, we will list them here.