The categories for the Life After Stroke Awards are:

  • Courage Awards
  • Award for Volunteering
  • Carer's Award
  • Award for Creative Arts
  • Stroke Group Award
  • Professional Excellence Award
  • Fundraiser of the Year Award

Courage Awards

These awards are for people who have demonstrated inspirational courage in overcoming personal, physical, emotional or communication problems as a result of their stroke. The categories are divided into three age groups in recognition of the fact that a stroke can happen to anyone at any age:

  • Children and Young People’s Courage Award (up to 18)
  • Adult Courage Award (18-64)
  • Adult Courage Award (65+)

Award for Volunteering

This award is for an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the Stroke Association as a volunteer, demonstrating the great dedication, commitment and compassion that is at the heart of all volunteering.

Carer’s Award

This award is for a person who continues to demonstrate their commitment to caring by providing personal, practical and emotional support for a stroke survivor. You may nominate an individual, or several people as a group, who regularly provide support. The nominee must not be a paid carer. 

Award for Creative Arts

This award is presented to a stroke survivor who uses the visual, performing or applied arts to express themselves creatively. This can include, among other things, painting, drawing, music, literature, photography, film or graphic design.

Stroke Group Award

This award is given in recognition and celebration of the essential support network Stroke Groups provide. This award is presented to a group that can demonstrate the difference it makes to stroke survivors in their local area through its varied and innovative activity programmes, delivered by dedicated organisers and volunteers. 

Professional Excellence Award

This award recognises exceptional service in the provision of stroke care and prevention. This can include, among other professions, GPs, care workers, nurses, physios, speech and language therapists etc.

Fundraiser of the Year Award

This award celebrates an incredible fundraising achievement by an individual or single group which has been in aid of the Stroke Association.