We respect and appreciate everyone at the Stroke Association. Listen to what our people have to say about their experiences with us, and learn about the values that are at the core of everything we do.

Our values

Our values express who we are at our core. They define our culture and how we all do our jobs every day.

Stroke Association values listed in four multi-coloured blocks.

We are human
We've seen the full range of human emotions that stroke brings out. The devastation and despair. The shock and indignity. The anger and frustration. We put ourselves in the shoes of the people we support. Making time to get to know them. And we do the same with our colleagues too. Recognising and promoting everyone's individuality with kindness. Their unique needs, experiences, strengths and weaknesses. And we embrace this to achieve the best possible outcomes for stroke survivors, our charity and our partners.

We believe in better
We're optimistic for the future. For the people living through the devastating effects of stroke, ourselves and our charity. Driven by our desire for improvement, however big or small. And the strides we've taken since we began. We use real life stories to celebrate achievement and inspire hope. To focus on the possibilities for a better future. To learn from mistakes. And move forward stronger than before.

We say it how it is
Working together, we set realistic but challenging goals for ourselves and the people we support. Listening to everyone's needs. Never over-promising, but focussing on what matters to everyone involved. So we can deliver what we said we would. And we aren't afraid to show people the devastation that stroke causes. What it means to those it touches. And what people can do to help those affected live their best life after stroke.

We give our all
Our resolve to make a difference motivates everyone we work with. With one eye on the bigger picture, we harness our passion and expertise to get them as fired up as we are. Inspiring stroke survivors to muster the courage and determination they need to make their best recovery. Spurring on our colleagues to give their all. Moving people to dig deep and support us however they can. So we can continue to empower people affected by stroke to retake control of their lives and speak up for themselves. And champion their needs when they can't.

We're always looking for talented people to join our team. Find out what opportunities there are to work or volunteer with us.