In 2018, we conducted the largest ever survey of stroke survivors and their carers to find out more about their lives. Over 11,000 people affected by stroke in the UK took the time to share their stories with us.

We now know more about the everyday experiences of those living with the effects of stroke, which can sometimes last a lifetime.

About the survey

An infographic showing a map of the United Kingdom with some stats around it, and some more stat breakdowns by Gender, Age range, Type of stroke and Ethnicity.

1,880 stroke survivors and carers completed our online survey. We made sure this sample was representative of the UK population. Most of these people had not been in contact with the Stroke Association before.

9,254 stroke survivors, who we have supported in recent years, also completed a survey. Mostly these respondents took a paper-based survey, although a few completed the survey online.

About the report

An image of a stroke survivor.

The Lived Experience of Stroke report is split into four chapters. The report shares what people affected by stroke told us about: