In 2018, we conducted the biggest ever survey of stroke survivors and their carers to find out more about their lives. Over 10,000 people closely affected by stroke in the UK took the time to share their stories with us. 

We now know more about the everyday experiences of those living with the effects of stroke, which can sometimes last a lifetime.

We will share what we learnt in four chapters throughout the year. The first chapter of this report looks at the hidden effects that stroke can have on its survivors. 

Chapter 1 - Hidden effects of stroke

While some effects of a stroke may be obvious to others, many effects like emotional changesmemory loss and extreme tiredness are harder to see. 

We know that the hidden effects of stroke can turn people’s lives upside down. We are dedicated to helping stroke survivors and their families lead the best life possible.

With time, courage and the right support, stroke survivors told us that they start to feel like they are on the road to recovery.

Read chapter 1 - Hidden effects of stroke, below:

Report results

Click here to see the results in Wales: English version | Welsh version

Our support

We offer emotional and psychological support that helps stroke survivors and their loved ones to come to terms with the sudden and devastating impact of stroke.

Valuable emotional support is available through our helpline. Whether you need to talk or would just like someone to listen, our team is available six days a week.

The support we offer in the local community may vary depending on where you live, because some of this support is funded by the NHS or social services. 

We have teams that visit stroke survivors in their own homes. Here they can spend time helping you to understand the effects of stroke and supporting you on your emotional recovery. 

We also have peer groups across the UK, where you can meet other people affected by stroke, who understand what it is like to live with those side effects that are harder to see. 

Find out what stroke support services are available near where you live.

My Stroke Guide is available online 24/7 and offers advice and tips to help people to manage effects such as fatigue, poor memory or problems with concentration. The online community also connects stroke survivors and their loved ones to others who have shared similar experiences.