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2022 competition winner - A Christmas Robin by Diane Finnegan

We’re delighted to announce our 2022 Christmas card design competition winner!

Diane Finnegan with her Christmas card design

Congratulations to Diane Finnegan, our 2022 Christmas Card Competition winner! Diane’s beautiful design ‘A Christmas Robin’ is available to buy as part of our 2022 Christmas card range.

Illustration of a robin sitting on a holly branch

Diane, 72, had a TIA (transient ischaemic attack or mini-stroke) in 2019. Feeling low and struggling to come to terms with what had happened to her, Diane reached out for help.

“I wasn’t coping very well, so I called the care team that had supported me when I arrived home from hospital,” says Diane. “They contacted the Stroke Association on my behalf, and soon after, Stroke Coordinator Linda Bolton called me. Talking to Linda, I felt I’d finally found someone who could listen to and understand what I was feeling.”

Linda encouraged Diane to start doing things she was interested in to help with her recovery – particularly art, which had been so important to her before she had a stroke.

“I had been painting for over 20 years and it was a big part of my life,” says Diane. “But when I picked up the brushes to start mixing paint after my stroke, it was very apparent I had lost most of these skills.’’

Determined to get back to what she loved, and encouraged by her friends and family, Diane practised by painting birthday cards for her loved ones.

“Two years on, I still don’t paint the way I did before my stroke. But I have managed to try other styles, which I think is retraining my brain and helping me to move forward. I also joined an art club for inspiration and company helping me to move forward”.

“I’m delighted that my painting of the robin who visits my garden every year won the competition. Being in my garden and enjoying the natural beauty around me has helped my recovery in a big way, and reconnected me with my art. I’m glad I can share my little friend with others to raise money for stroke survivors and their families.”

You can buy Diane’s design from 9 August when our shop opens – visit our Christmas shop.