Hope after stroke

Rebuilding lives after stroke starts with rebuilding hope, and seeing the possibilities for recovery.

Joey's story
"I said, “Are you determined you’ll get better?” The sparkle in his eyes told me all I needed to know.”
A glimmer of hope: Rob and Syreeta's story
"The nurse said ‘Syreeta’s here’ and he did his utmost to turn his head, find me, look me in the eye and smile."
Erin's story
"The little steps leading to bigger steps give you hope. Holding on to that hope is so important.”
How a five-minute test can offer hope
"How we do measure the quality of your recovery after stroke?"
Anything is possible
Alisha’s stroke left her unable to read, write or walk. "Now I volunteer. I enjoy that. There is a way you can put your life back together.”
Hope in a virtual world
"Stroke survivors with communication problems risk isolation, loneliness and mental health problems. Eva Park could be a lifeline."