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Rebuilding Lives

Rebuilding lives after stroke starts with rebuilding hope, and seeing the possibilities for recovery.

Coming together in extraordinary times
How five-minute tests could help rebuild lives
Find out what happened when Ruth, a stroke survivor, met with Dr Terry Quinn, a stroke researcher.
Jim’s story
Hear how we’ve helped Jim to rebuild his life and how we’re developing new ways to be there for stroke survivors, and our NHS.
Connecting survivors and volunteers
Find out how stroke changed Krishna’s life and how we’re working harder than ever to stay close to stroke survivors.
Meet Claire, a Stroke Coordinator
"I’ve said to people, 'Just ring me'. I’d rather they ring me than sit on their own and be worrying or crying."
Continuing important research
This Stroke Association-funded research team had to think quickly when their face-to-face sessions were no longer possible.
Coronavirus and stroke
We've worked with the NHS to produce this information and advice for people affected by stroke.
Stroke stories
Rebuilding, inch by inch
Baz’s recovery has been long and tough. Over the course of 27 years, he’s been slowly rebuilding his life.
“They thought I was drunk"
Luna had a total of seven strokes in one day. She was repeatedly misdiagnosed because of her young age.
Anything is possible
Alisha’s stroke left her unable to read, write or walk. "Now I volunteer. I enjoy that. There is a way you can put your life back together.”
What's it like to live with stroke?
We've conducted the largest ever survey of stroke survivors and their carers to find out more about their lives.
Recycling myself
"I’m recycling myself into something else and helping to make things better for other people. Stroke for me was a pause, not the end of the story."
Fear: a hidden barrier to recovery
We asked stroke survivors how they were feeling and what they were worried about after their stroke.
Sharing advice
This is me now
Hannah had two strokes, which left her with anxiety and depression. She shares some of the things that helped her work through these emotions.
Managing loneliness and isolation
Vicki from our Stroke Helpline shares some tips for stroke survivors, friends and family.
Clodagh's advice
Clodagh explains what helped her move from 'stroke victim' to 'stroke survivor'.