University of Leeds
Scientific title
Talking about recovery after stroke: How do we do it and how can we do better?
Principal Investigator
Professor Anne Forster (Supervisor)
Year awarded
Grant value
Research ID
TSA PGF 2017-02
Research area
Start date
Friday 1 September 2017
End date
Thursday 28 October 2021
42 months

Postgraduate Fellow: Ms Louisa-Jane Burton

Description of research

Following a stroke, patients and their relatives describe dissatisfaction with the information they receive about the patient’s outlook for recovery. This includes how much recovery might take place and when it might be expected. Information about a patient’s recovery is extremely important to them and their families, because it helps them make decisions about their lives after stroke and future care.

These issues often arise during a patient’s rehabilitation on a stroke unit. However, research suggests that stroke unit staff lack the confidence and necessary skills to adequately discuss recovery.

The outcome of this work should form an intervention for stroke unit staff. It will include guidance on assessing when and whether individual patients and their families want information about their expected recovery and how to establish the best format for this information.

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