Other resources
Information, support and organisations related to childhood stroke.
How we can help
Type: Support
Learn about the many ways our Stroke Helpline counsellors can support you in your current situation, by listening and providing information.
I need stroke support and information
We provide information, support and advice to help those affected by stroke. We have a number of services for both stroke survivors and carers.
Stroke Association Connect
Type: Support
Our new Stroke Association Connect service offers a lifeline to people affected by stroke, by proactively reaching out to offer essential reassurance and information, and to connect them to available ongoing support to help them rebuild their lives.
A friendly voice
Each year, our Helpline offers support, information, and a listening ear to thousands of people affected by stroke.
Resources for professionals
Stroke survivors and their families rely on healthcare professionals to provide them with accurate information about stroke. Find information and support about stroke for your patients.
Accessible information
We strive to make all our information clear to read and easy to understand. Find out the different ways you can access our health information publications.
Problems recognising things (agnosia)
A stroke can affect how your brain processes the information you receive about an object and the way you remember this information (agnosia). Find out what are the signs of agnosia and what you can do about it
Text to Donate
Type: Donate
Making a donation by text is a great way to support us and could help provide information, advice and support to a person following their stroke.
My Stroke Guide
Type: Support
My Stroke Guide’s trusted online support is all in one place, whenever you need it, to guide you through your stroke recovery journey. Access easy-to-read information, advice and videos. Connect to other stroke survivors in the 'My social' community pages.