Concentration problems
A stroke can affect your brain’s ability to concentrate. Concentration problems are especially common in the early stages after a stroke. Find out more about the signs and symptoms of concentration problems after a stroke and what you can do about them.
Memory, thinking and concentration (cognition) after childhood stroke
Cognitive problems can sometimes be hard to spot, because they can appear at different ages and stages of development. Understanding a child’s unique challenges is the first step towards finding solutions and strategies that work for you all.
Memory and concentration problems
Type: Support
After a stroke, it’s common to find it difficult to concentrate or remember certain things. Claire from our Helpline explains why, and shares some guidance.
Balance problems after stroke
Find out how stroke can affect your balance, what can help, and how to look after yourself if your balance has been affected by stroke.
Fatigue after childhood stroke
With support and understanding, a child can learn ways to manage their fatigue after childhood stroke to lead an active life.
A pilot study for developing and evaluating a care pathway for cognitive problems after stroke
A pilot study for developing and evaluating a care pathway for cognitive problems after stroke.
Brain fog
Brain fog is a term people often use when they feel they are not thinking clearly.
Can the type and extent of stroke and its impact on behaviour predict dementia?
No two strokes are alike - the damage from each stroke leaves its own unique signature on a person's brain and behaviour. The current project will investigate how different types of stroke affect a person's long term recovery or deterioration
Driving after a stroke
Type: Support
After a stroke or transient ischaemic attack, you can’t drive for a minimum of one calendar month. Here’s how to find out what you need to do next.
Linking formal and functional measures of cognition after stroke and the prediction of long-term recovery
This Lectureship will explore the link between tests that are used to assess cognition (memory and thinking) after a stroke and measurements of a stroke survivor's functional abilities. It will also investigate how cognition and functional ability change over time.